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FGRLS Book Club: Ghosts by Dolly Alderton

Reading Ghosts by Dolly Alderton was an awakening for me, Nina is at a similar stage in her life as me – close friends are moving out of London to buy homes, having babies, getting married – it documents those growing pains process of falling in and out of friendships, when your lives start to take different directions. Dolly truly is Nora Ephron for millennials.

FGRLS Book Club: July Edition

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FGRLS Book Club: April Edition

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FGRLS Book Club: Social-Isolation Special.

It’s a strange old time right now. We’re all inside, as we should be. Boredom is starting to set in…

FGRLS Book Club: December Edition

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FGRLS Book Club: All The Books On Our Christmas Wishlist

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FGRLS Book Club: October Edition 

Welcome to October’s book club, where we spotlight incredible female literary talent and let you in on our favourite page-turners…