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FGRLSCLUB is a new platform championing feminism, free speech, freedom, and feel-good; a destination for adventures you won’t want to miss out on. If you love candid chat that doesn’t hold back, we’re for you. All feminists who DGAF are welcome.

Chloe Laws – Founder/Editor-in-Chief

If you’re looking for sassy, sarcastic writing from someone who is a little bit sweary and doesn’t hold back, then I’m your girl. I’ll be writing about anything and everything from relationships to fashion, sex, and beauty. Nothing is too taboo! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @chloegracelaws if you want to see me posing in pink, fluffy getups and ranting about the patriarchy. Reach me- chloe@fgrlsclub.com

Sara Macauley – Editor at Large

There are few things I like as much as writing, but wearing black, accosting my neighbour’s cats and swooning over indie musicians are close competitors. I’ll be writing on culture, music, fashion, lifestyle and a whole host of other topics. Come along for the ride. Follow me on Twitter @saramacauley_ and Instagram @saramacauley. Reach me- sara@fgrlsclub.com 

Kate Sharp – Staff Writer

 I lead a simple life of cheese, wine, bad dates and the never quite making it to the next pay day. If you too enjoy discussing your genitals over a wine and Uber eats pairing then I am your perfect gal. You will find me writing about sex, culture, lifestyle and fashion. Hit me up on Instagram @katesharp37 or my blog www.momoneymowine.com which is revolves around me bitching about women who wont date me.


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