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About Us & Contact

FGRLS CLUB is a not-for-profit platform championing feminism, free speech, freedom, and feel-good; a destination that aims to break down taboos and open up conversations. If you love candid chat that doesn’t hold back, we’re for you. Created for and by womxn.

Chloe Laws – Founder/Co-Editor

If you’re looking for honest, emotive writing from someone who is a little bit sweary and doesn’t hold back, then Chloe is your girl. She’ll be writing about anything and everything from relationships to period poverty, sex, fashion and politics. Nothing is too taboo! Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @chloegracelaws if you want to see her wearing a lot of animal print and ranting about the patriarchy. Reach her for collaborations, business partnerships and pitches – chloe@fgrlsclub.com

Sara Macauley – Editor

There are few things Sara likes as much as writing, but wearing black, accosting cats that aren’t hers and swooning over indie musicians are close competitors. If you’re up for honest writing with a pinch of sarcasm, she’s your gal. Sara will be writing on culture, lifestyle, books, and a whole host of other topics. Follow her on Twitter @saramacauley_ and Instagram @saramacauley. Reach her for pitches, enquiries and other opportunities – sara@fgrlsclub.com 

Katie Muxworthy – Staff Writer

Navigating her way through the hilarious decade of being a twenty-something that doesn’t really know what the fuck she is doing, Katie will be bringing you mildly funny words on everything from music, sex, fashion, and fun. Happiest holed up in London’s many Wetherspoons listening to David Bowie’s back catalogue, and swiping right on Tinder, you can cyber stalk her on twitter @katiemux and Instagram @katiemux, where she is inevitably more interesting than in real life.

Amy Beecham – Staff Writer

Amy is a writer from Oxford who loves empowering womxn and Mexican food. A current undergraduate of a Creative Writing degree, she hopes to do just about everything including: see her name on the spine of a book, study for a Doctorate and own twin golden retrievers named Arlo and Dexter. You can find her mouthing off on Twitter @amyjbeecham and posing for fake candids on Instagram @amy.beecham.

Stephanie Nieves – Staff Writer

Stephanie (1)

Stephanie Nieves is a personal empowerment enthusiast and chai latte connoisseur residing in Brooklyn, NY. A full-time editor by day and creative writer by night, she spends much of her time musing about identity, inclusion, and self-expression. When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up with her Book of the Month or watching reruns of RuPaul’s Drag Race. More of her words can be found on Harness, Medium, and Fairygodboss.


Fill in the form below to get in touch OR email Chloe and Sara at enquiries@fgrlsclub.com directly!