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FGRLS CLUB X YOPPIE: My Period Routine

If you come here often, you’ll know periods are one of FGRLS CLUBS’ favourite topics. From campaigning against period poverty,…

What to Expect When You’re *Not* Expecting

Ask any young woman and she will probably tell you she’s had that moment. With Dr. Google keen to proclaim…

GRL Talk With: Januhairy

Laura Jackson started Januhairy back in 2018, a campaign to celebrate body hair and reclaim patriarchal notions of how and…

“I’ll Wear It When I’m Skinny”

Ah, the mantra which characterised my teenage years. Also exchangeable for, “my best life will start when I lose weight”.…

The Internet’s Best Reactions To Nike’s Plus Size …

Despite Tanya Gold and other fatphobes, internalised or otherwise, coming out against Nike’s plus size mannequins, there’s been an influx of love for them. The negative voices are loud, but they’re not the many – a survey by Gold Support found that a massive 83% of people want more sportswear brands to follow the example set by Nike and include plus-size mannequins in their advertising.

Kink 101: Submission

Hey Kinksters and welcome back to Kink 101. I’m Lacey-Jade Christie and I am so honoured to be your kinky Agony Aunt! This month the theme is submission, so put down your whips and paddles, settle in and get ready to learn a few things.

GRL Talk With: Danielle Vanier

Danielle is one of the UK’s most well-known and well-loved plus size bloggers. She’s got razor-sharp wit, infectious laugh, an…