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FGRLS Book Club: All The Books On Our Christmas Wishlist

When it came to writing this month’s book club, the FGRLS team decided that rather than reviewing our current favourites,…

FGRLS Book Club: October Edition 

Welcome to October’s book club, where we spotlight incredible female literary talent and let you in on our favourite page-turners…

Let Me Know When You’re Home: Stories of Female …

When Dear Damsels first told us about their crowdfunding campaign to publish a debut paperback publication, we knew we had…

FGRLS Book Club: August Edition

Sticky hot summer days are made for reading, and this week’s heatwave means the FGRLS CLUB team has devoured *even*…

FGRLS Book Club: Menstrual Health Day Special

 This week, we have the author of Period and all around menstrual health expert, Natalie Bryne, taking over the FGRLS Book Club. Ready to feel educated, empowered and in control of your vagina? Then keep reading. 

FGRLS Book Club: May Edition

We all know that Sally Rooney could write down her shopping list and it would (rightly so) win an award, but there’s definitely something to be said for the unexpected satisfaction of a book that’s… different. I wanted to dedicate this month’s book club to the kinds of books you haven’t – but definitely should – be reading. It’s a mixed bag, I’ll warn you, but have a little faith and you might just find something that changes your life, or at the very least, your bookshelf.

FGRLS Book Club April Edition

Reading last week’s Sunday papers, I wasn’t remotely surprised by Bret Easton Ellis’ thoughtless comments on millennials and our reading…