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Drinking Red wine In The Bath With A Burlesque Dancer; …

I exist in minds as a burlesque dancer, a hobby eclipsing my identity in the way a woman’s sexuality seems to always bulldoze everything else

Why Women Should Stop Feeling Guilty For Masturbating

The pandemic has forced us all to spend a little more time on ourselves – enjoying a milky hot coffee…

FGRLS Book Club: Ghosts by Dolly Alderton

Reading Ghosts by Dolly Alderton was an awakening for me, Nina is at a similar stage in her life as me – close friends are moving out of London to buy homes, having babies, getting married – it documents those growing pains process of falling in and out of friendships, when your lives start to take different directions. Dolly truly is Nora Ephron for millennials.

GRL Talk With The Mixed Message

  Hannah Robertson, Ella Simpson, and Ella Reid founded The Mixed Message at the start of June to explore the…

Sweaty Situations: My Experience With Hyperhidrosis

Admit it – we’ve all been there, it’s the first date, anxiety takes over and you break a little sweat.…

How Hostile Immigration Laws Are Making Women and Girls Suffer

I’ve been writing about immigration and asylum law for more than four years. One thing I’ve noticed since joining the…

Music And Memory: The Portal To My Past

Whenever I hear Friday I’m in Love by The Cure, I’m transported back to 15 years ago. It was my…