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FGRLS Book Club: April Edition

I’m one of those people who listens to unlimited podcasts about new novel releases, obsessively bookmarks posts on Instagram with…

FGRLS Book Club: Social-Isolation Special.

It’s a strange old time right now. We’re all inside, as we should be. Boredom is starting to set in…

FGRLS Book Club: December Edition

I’ve spent half of December with my head in my hands (who amongst us hasn’t?) and the other half with…

FGRLS Book Club: All The Books On Our Christmas Wishlist

When it came to writing this month’s book club, the FGRLS team decided that rather than reviewing our current favourites,…

FGRLS Book Club: October Edition 

Welcome to October’s book club, where we spotlight incredible female literary talent and let you in on our favourite page-turners…

FGRLS Book Club: August Edition

Sticky hot summer days are made for reading, and this week’s heatwave means the FGRLS CLUB team has devoured *even*…

FGRLS Book Club: Menstrual Health Day Special

 This week, we have the author of Period and all around menstrual health expert, Natalie Bryne, taking over the FGRLS Book Club. Ready to feel educated, empowered and in control of your vagina? Then keep reading.