Valentine’s Day, A Made Up Holiday- Right?

Valentine’s Day, it’s a made up holiday driven by consumerism that banks on our need to prove our love to one another through materialistic gifts, right? RIGHT? 

I mean, why do you need a specific day to confess your love? Surely it’s more romantic to surprise your partner? 

It’s just another way for society to make singles feel like they’re doing something wrong and that us women need a man to feel loved, isn’t it? 

Well, yes. Okay. It’s bullshit. We all know that. But just because something is bollocks doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a degree of importance. We brandish PDA couples as “cringe” and V-day proposals as ‘unoriginal’. Granted, if someone bought me a teddy bear holding a heart, or a dozen red roses, I’d try and get them arrested. However, if that’s your jam then no tea no shade. 

Here at FGRLS CLUB we don’t believe in shaming others’ life choices. If all you’ve ever dreamt of is kissing in the rain while ’80s slow-jams conveniently play in the background, or being given heart-shaped confectionary by a ‘secret admirer’, then don’t be shamed into silence. There’s nothing wrong with loving love. If your preferred way to express love is through typically consumerist products, then you-do-you, babes. 

Valentine’s day is easy to hate. Because relationships are easy to hate. We’ve all been hurt, we’ve all been cynical, we’ve all been turned into love-hating-robots at some point in our lives. If, right now, you’re at this point, try not to ruin Valentine’s for Soppy Sally and Cringe Chris- okuuur? 

Let’s be honest, love is important. It matters. We spend most our lives trying to find it and the rest of our time trying to avoid it. Valentine’s day shines a spotlight on our love lives, either making us feel grateful or unfulfilled. But it doesn’t have to be this monumental. 

Single or just not into Valentine’s, throw a Galentine’s Day celebration. Cheese and wine FTW. Over-the-top romance not for you and your SO? Then order takeout and watch a film. You don’t have to buy into the consumerist element. Equally, if you want to, then that’s fine.

Let’s all just stop giving such a shit about how other people chose to spend the day. It really doesn’t affect you that much. And for fuck sake, don’t spend the day stalking your ex on Instagram and watching the Notebook, that ain’t going to help anything.


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  1. NB
    February 15, 2017 / 10:44 pm

    This is brilliant ❤️❤️

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