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Drinking Red wine In The Bath With A Burlesque Dancer; …

I exist in minds as a burlesque dancer, a hobby eclipsing my identity in the way a woman’s sexuality seems to always bulldoze everything else

I ‘Violated’ Instagram’s Community Guidelines For Saying ‘Men Are …

Anyone deemed to be breaking Instagram’s ‘community guidelines’ is placed on something called a ‘shadowban’, meaning the algorithm works against the user to bury their content.

Why We Must Stop Idolising Our Teenage Bodies

Many women are all too familiar with the feeling of seeing an Instagram or Facebook memory pop up from their…

Wearing A Mask Has Been Liberating, For All The Wrong …

Catcalling in lockdown has amplified an already evident truth – in the majority of cases, street harassment is more about intimidation than physical attraction.

Poetry Corner: How To Leave A City

I see you, nostalgia! Making the banal shape shift    Oh, you’re cruel But I welcome you in    I…

It’s Time To Celebrate Silver Vixens

Naturally, I ended up Googling “going grey in your twenties” and quickly realised this wasn’t an unusual experience, seemingly others have been in this same situation at my age. These articles were screaming DON’T PLUCK YOUR GREY HAIRS!

Can Brands Ever Really Be Body Positive?

What is a bikini body? It’s a phrase peddled out year after year, perpetuated by diet marketing teams and women’s…