#Girlboss Productivity Hacks to Nail the Day

Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly, arguably the most intimidating fictional #Girlboss to date. Credit: Hollywoodreporter.com
Ever find yourself busy AF and wonder how the hell you’re meant to manage a crushing workload and packed social calendar? Here are productivity tips and tricks to help you nail the day…

Get Enough SLEEP

This is especially tough when you have a cluster of deadlines that need to be met or you’re simply a Night Owl with a habit of burning the midnight oil. However, no-one is at their best when operating on four hours sleep or fuelled simply with caffeine. It’s also likely your day/s ahead will require more than just your physical self to be present at work/meetings/social gatherings, so do whatever it takes to make getting some shut-eye a priority.

Mute your Squad’s Group Chat &/or Disable WhatsApp Notification Previews

Every once in a while your gal pals may need your input on something but no matter how urgent or fun it may be, don’t forget that you’ve got shit to do right here, right now. If you get anxious about your workload or are just easily distracted in general, be honest with yourself about whether temporarily muting chats may be helpful in making you more productive. Similarly, if you take your phone with you to meetings, skim reading messages from your friends is on a completely different plane to checking an urgent work email that may come through at any moment. Disabling WhatsApp notification previews may help you stay professional and avoid curious glances at your screen. Needless to say, keeping your phone on “Silent” mode is a good bet.

Avoid Thinking Productivity Apps & To-Do Lists are Lame

They’re so not- Not if they help you check off all your tasks and prioritise your workload and/or boring domestic chores. Sometimes, you have to do whatever it takes to fit in free time for things that make you happy or help you relax but you that sure ain’t going to happen if you forget to do something or missed something as trivial as picking up a multi-socket adaptor.

Similarly, Keep your Calendar UPDATED

Plan your day/week/month down to a T with all the stuff you need to do so you can spend your free time being spontaneous and well, free. Living life in the moment doesn’t have to mean missing deadlines or being inefficient. Additionally, there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you find putting meet-ups with friends in your calendar either- it’ll save you unintentionally double booking yourself and missing out on valuable chit-chat time.

Do What You’re MEANT to Do, then CONSIDER Doing More

One of the biggest misconceptions about being good at what you do is that you HAVE to go the extra mile. Sure, going above and beyond at work is a positive thing- it shows dedication and capability BUT only if you’re already nailing the stuff you’re SUPPOSED to do. Try to avoid biting off more than you can chew- even if you’re meeting deadlines and doing it with aplomb, you may find yourself on the path to total burnout. Additionally, if you’re almost always strapped for time, there’s no shame in saying “No” to or getting an extension on tasks that aren’t a priority.


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