Maximalist Man Repelling Pieces

Anyone who loves fashion will know of Man Repeller, and will likely have a sartorial crush on Leandra. Just like the babes over at MR, we equally are all about fashion for gals who DGAF.

The amount of times an ex-boyfriend has looked quizzically at my culottes, fluffy mules or multi-coloured yeti coats are innumerable. But hey, they are exes for a reason. If you don’t love me at my maximalist, fluorescent, extra-AF self, then you deffo don’t deserve me on my minimalist days.

So taking a leaf out of MR’s book, and my own personal penchant for anything extravagant (check me out at @chloegracelaws for examples) I’ve compiled the best pieces on the high-street right now. Wallflowers need not apply.


  1. River Island Skirt



2. ASOS Embellished Sandals

3. ASOS Pom Pom Sandals




4. Mango Lemon Tee



5. River Island Sliders


6. Mango Belt

7. Zara Earrings 



8. Zara Trousers


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