FGRLS CLUB X YOPPIE: My Period Routine

If you come here often, you’ll know periods are one of FGRLS CLUBS’ favourite topics. From campaigning against period poverty, to discussing PMDD – there’s no menstrual shame found in these parts. But, although the conversations around periods are broadening, and becoming more commonplace, women (and anyone else who has a period) still find it hard to get into the nitty-gritty. A lot of the women around me still aren’t comfortable talking about the realities of our periods – from the flow, to the duration, and especially not when it comes to talking about period pain. We’re taught to shrug it off and carry on.

So, in the view that knowledge = power, FGRLS CLUB x YOPPIE are teaming up to educate and get honest about our period routines.  YOPPIE creates healthcare solutions for women that enables them to take control of their menstrual health routine, with a subscription service that delivers (organic, cotton) liners, pads or tampons to your door.

Here’s an insight into my period routine, cycle day 1:

6AM: Woke up with that familiar feeling, when you just *know*. Leg it to the bathroom, and no surprises here, my period has started. I reach for a pad – I have a bad relationship with Tampons (my mum taught me growing up that they were the devil product, and it’s stuck, despite there being no logic behind this. I’ve tried all the other methods; menstrual cups, period pants, etc, but nothing gives me the security of a pad.

8AM: I cough (not corona related, don’t worry) and feel like a waterfall has just started in my pants. Time to change my pad.

11AM: I live in London, and have been self-isolating for 9 days now, as I have a chronic health condition. This means I’m trying to limit popping to the shops as much as possible, so order some Yoppie’s new organic pads, which will arrive at my door in a few days. No free bleeding or leaks for me – a small victory.

1PM: My stomach and lower back are cramping, and the only thing that seems to help me in this situation is a hot bath. Rogue at 1PM, but hey, all rules are out of the window. I whack some lavender oil in the water, and listen to the Off-Menu Podcast in an attempt to lift my spirits. Comedy always helps me escape, and when PMS hits, it’s a good distraction tactic.

6PM: I think about periods a lot. That sounds weird, but it’s true. I’ve always been obsessed with chatting menstruation – I started my period at 9 years old, and have always been intrigued about other women’s experiences. When I’m on my period, it gives me comfort to follow Instagram accounts that discuss periods honestly – my friend Natalie Byrne creates some beautiful art on the topic, and I love to flick through her book ‘Period’ on days like this. I feel connected to my womanhood more, and in turn empowered by my period, when I remember that so many of us have this shared experience.

11PM: I always find sleeping tough on days one, two and three of my cycle (my periods last 8 days usually, but get less brutal by day four). To try and give myself the best chance at a peaceful night’s sleep, I meditate (I find using an app to guide me useful, like Headspace), have a lemon and ginger tea, and moisturise.

This content is in paid partnership with Yoppie. For 30% off your first subscription box, enter the code: fgrlsclub.


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