Shop Our FGRLS CLUB x SEXPRESSION UK x Hazel Mead Charity T-shirt

FGRLS CLUB has teamed up with illustrator Hazel Mead to create a charity t-shirt in aid of Sexpression UK a student-led charity that empowers young people to make informed decisions on sex and relationships. I mean, who doesn’t want to own a tee that gives you rose tits?! The tee is all about centering women’s pleasure, in a time where that has become so secondary and lost. Because, as always, our pleasure matters.


£20, 50% goes to Sexpression UK.

Sexpression:UK aims for a society in which young people are able to access reliable information about relationships, sex and sexuality; where youth are free from STIs, and unwanted pregnancy; and where they are empowered to make individual, informed decisions regarding their bodies and their health.

As a charity, we rely on donations to fund our teaching! One fantastic way you can support them is to shop @fgrlsclub t-shirts, designed by the wonderful @hazel.mead.


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