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Why Does Instagram Continue To Censor Creatives?

Instagram can bring many different emotions to the surface. For many, it’s a space to share, collaborate and document creativity.…

GRL Talk With: Poppy From The Lady Hamilton

Poppy Stewart is the powerhouse manager behind Kentish Town’s feminist and LGBTQ+ inclusive waterhole hole and arts/music venue, The Lady…

GRL, Uninterrupted: “Stop celebrating women when they get married”

When The Financial Diet shared that quote on their Instagram this week, I was winded. “Celebrate them when they land…

FGRLS Book Club: May Edition

We all know that Sally Rooney could write down her shopping list and it would (rightly so) win an award, but there’s definitely something to be said for the unexpected satisfaction of a book that’s… different. I wanted to dedicate this month’s book club to the kinds of books you haven’t – but definitely should – be reading. It’s a mixed bag, I’ll warn you, but have a little faith and you might just find something that changes your life, or at the very least, your bookshelf.

How To Succeed In The Creative Industry Outside Of London

As a student studying Journalism in Leeds, I’ve quickly realised that getting opportunities in this exciting yet competitive industry means…

Get That Back To School Feeling, As An Adult.

We might *technically* be adults, but there’s one childlike feeling that will never fade – the start of a new…

FGRLS August Book Club

It’s vacation season, which means you’ll be needing a tonne of reading recommendations – that’s where we come in. Welcome…