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How To Deal With Heartbreak

From the FGRLS team who’ve dealt with their fair share. Heartbreak is a complicated thing. It’s not, as I thought…

How To Get Shit Done

If I had one British pound for every time I said I would do something…and then didn’t do it, well…

“NEW YEAR, NEW ME” Is Bollocks.

Focus on self-development by loving yourself fearlessly, giving more time to your passions, and leaving toxicity in 2017. Rather than drinking a raspberry flavoured laxative that makes you shit yourself.

How to Survive Summer in the City

Summer in the UK can be a savage lady. She’s the type of human who’d bring a suitcase onto the…

GRL Talk: Marshall Art

In this edition of GRL Talk, we’re probing Kayleigh aka Marshall Art about being a freelance artist, living in the…

3 Books To Help With Your Anxiety

Photo Credit: Béatrice Lajous   Anxiety, it’s a bitch. A ball ache. A fucking pain in the arse. Okay, you get…

Reading about other people’s anxiety can be a comfort- you’re not alone, and you’re not fucking crazy. Okay, medically speaking you might be, but so are a lot of people. Below are some books that helped me out of my darkest, most anxiety riddled times…