Front Row – London’s Answer to Rent the Runway?

See It, Love It, Rent It.

For the longest time, those in the London have looked to US-based designer rental services such as Rent the Runway with envy. Sure, we may have plenty of your run-of-the-mill online clothing rental companies with a number of designer pieces mixed in but other than that, where were all the COOL pieces? The ones that aren’t old-timey and warrant a street style shot at fashion week, for instance?

Founded by Shika Bodani with the intention of banishing the age-old question “Will I ever wear this again?”, Front Row seeks to make designer fashion accessible to a broader customer base in a way they won’t feel guilty partaking in.

With brand names like Balmain to Burberry and Stella McCartney to Saint Laurent, even the most discerning members of the global style set will find it hard not to succumb to Front Row’s growing collection of clothes, shoes, and accessories.

A typical rental period is 5 days with free returns and dry cleaning, making the process seamless for those gearing up for London Fashion Week or any other string of events you might have on a particular week. Think networking events and dinners out etc.

Here are some examples of what you could be getting delivered:

BALMAIN – Double Breasted Cotton Blazer
DOLCE & GABBANA – Embellished Low Rise Jeans

With Front Row, fashion perusers can actually influence which pieces go on offer for a discounted rental as well. All they’d need to do is visit the “Vote Now” page.

Now, who’s ready to start planning their wardrobe for this month’s outings?

Check out the website now:


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