Muslim Ban, Immigration Ban – WTF? Fight Trump from the UK

The Donald is pleased with his dirty handiwork; holding up Executive Orders he signed – Fri 27th Jan

The ACLU – the American Civil Liberties Union – has blocked Trump’s ban on muslims but still has urgent and important work to do.

No refugees are going to be IMMEDIATELY deported. This is good news but it could be better! At the end of this post, there’ll be information on what those inside AND outside of the U.S can do to help!

Here’s the lowdown on what Trump’s Executive Order means:

  • For 120 days, any refugee awaiting resettlement on U.S soil will be refused entry. Syrian refugees are prohibited from entering the U.S until further notice.
  • The citizens of seven countries; Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen are banned from entering the U.S on any visa category, including green-card holders (permanent residents of the U.S.) who may have been abroad for work or visiting relatives. A senior official had said on Saturday that this will be reviewed on a “case by case basis.”
  • The official also said that green-card holders from these countries currently in the U.S will need to meet with a consular officer prior to leaving the country.
  • Individuals with dual citizenship – as long as they have a passport issued by one of the banned countries – are also affected. BUT, only those who possess dual citizenships without a U.S passport.
  • All those with U.S citizenship – natural-born or naturalised – are not affected.
  • Technically, this is not a “Muslim” ban – but only because countries with a large muslim population where Donald Trump has a vested interest in are not included in the Executive Order.

To help the ACLU continue to do its work, visit the website and make a donation HERE

To stop Trump from entering the UK for a State Visit, sign this PETITION

If you’re based in London, UK or are willing to travel, attend this EMERGENCY DEMO at Downing Street against UK complicity to Trump’s Muslim Ban.

In the UK, you can CONTACT YOUR MP and ask them to urge the government to stand against the Muslim Ban.



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