Women’s March London: BEST Signs

Feminism back by popular demand

Organisers of Women’s March London estimated a turnout of 20,000. As the march and rally went underway, it was announced 100,000 people had turned up.

Before we show you some of our favourite signs spotted at this historic event, here are a few points I want to reiterate about why FGRLS CLUB felt it important to attend Women’s March London:

We want equality and we care about what happens to other women, whether that be in the UK or abroad. We want equal pay, we want affordable childcare, we value the right to choose, we want to eradicate domestic abuse against women, we want women around the globe to have access to education, we want refugee women to feel safe, we want the LGBTQ community to feel safe- and you get the point, right?

Trump may be the catalyst for which the march was organised but these are important issues we should be aware of regardless.  However, given that The Donald really doesn’t give AF about anyone with a vagina other than his own wife and daughters (unless he’s grabbing them by the p*ssy), it seems we have to draw his attention to the fact WE ARE IMPORTANT and our voices count.

Same shit, different century
The future is female
Try and grab this pussy
Real men don’t grab
Your genitals, your rules // Women’s rights are human rights

Words by Lily Niu

Image Credit: Tumblr


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