Be Honest, We All Love Love


The saying “love makes the world go around” may be soppier than an Adele concert, and cheesier than a Nicholas Sparks movie, but it does ring true. I’m going to put it out there, I’m in love with love. The intensity,the creativity, the joy, the pain, the magic, the chase. All of it.

Love is such an inherently human emotion, yet no one can quite put their finger on it. That’s why it’s still the basis of most art. I think millennials are so terrified of love because we grew up in a generation where we saw everyone falling out of it; divorce rates soared and commitment became something to be fearful of. But I think the romantics out there all need to speak up and own the fact that they’re searching for love. Because everyone is. It doesn’t matter how happily single, or disillusioned with institutionalised procedures like marriage, or heartbroken you are- if love comes a knocking, everyone opens the door. Sometimes we leave it on the latch, but we all unlock it.

One of my best kept secrets is how besotted I am with love. I brush off questions about why I’m actively dating, with a nonchalant “you know, I’m just seeing what’s out there”. But I’m going to be incredibly uncool and hold my hands up. Give me a rom com any day of the week or a ‘love songs’ Spotify playlist and I’ll be one happy lady. An old couple holding hands literally melts me into a puddle of feelings. Tales of couples who have been together for 40 odd years and still act like childhood sweethearts? That makes my heart physically hurt with the feels.

Us FGRLSCLUB babes stick together, so I looked to Lily and Sara for reinforcement. I can’t be the only gooey eyed love fanatic out there. Sara declared “I LOVE ROMANCE” going on to qualify this response with “I’m not naive enough to think love happens like it does in the movies, but I think the best parts of love are as magical as that”. Amen sister. Amen! Lily confirmed “I pretend like I hate love but deep down, I love love”.

We all love L-O-V-E in different ways. Personally, Valentine’s Day isn’t my cup of tea. Red roses give me hives and the thought of being gifted a teddy bear sends shivers down my spine. However, play “Someone Like You” and I’ll weep. A sunset walk on the beach? I’m putty in your hands. If a stranger proposed to me with an engagement-ring-carrying-puppy I’d seriously consider it. TV shows like First Dates, Love Island and The Undateables have hooked the U.K. The only feeling better than watching people fall in love, is actually falling in love. These programs prove that even the cynics out there secretly have mushy hearts. There’s nothing more heartwarming than watching bright eyed and bushy tailed individuals, who are looking for love, actually find it.

Isn’t that why we’re all still trying? No matter how many disastrous dates, divorces or unrequited feelings. Falling out of love with someone is hard, falling out of love with love is near impossible. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be watching The Notebook and writing love letters for the rest of time…


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