The Photo Series Responding To Instagram’s Censorship Of The Female Body

The series “Treasures” is a response to the unfair body censorship that a lot of artists have to deal with, especially on social media. It plays around with the idea of censoring in real life and shows the female body as something beautiful, not something that should be hidden from the viewer’s eyes.

“Seeing so much beauty being censored online inspired me this series, suggesting our intimacy as something beautiful and powerful, not something that should be censored. I see so many artists that I love having to insert stupid emojis on their work so Instagram doesn’t censor it, and this is a playful way to respond to this.”
“I find quite difficult to deal with the fact that our body is not really ours anymore, and it feels like the internet is shaping our identity. These images also explore the feeling of a naive and pure desire or fantasy, each photograph representing a quest to a different treasure.”
Medium : Nikon EM - 35mm Model : Clementine Blue & Geoffrey Papin Assistant : Geoffrey Papin
Medium : Nikon EM – 35mm Model : Clementine Blue & Geoffrey Papin Assistant : Geoffrey Papin

Artist Name: Clémentine Blue

Age: 27

Location: London (born in Angers, France)

Job: Freelance video editor

Passions: Music, visual art, analogue photography, video editing on art/music related projects, travelling, outdoor adventures.

I was born and raised in the country side of France, in the Loire Valley, so I have always been in my element surrounded by nature. It’s a little bit surreal that I am now living in London – it is beyond urban!

After a technical degree in video editing and 2 years locked in a farm making music with a band in France, we all moved to Brighton in 2012. This band split up soon after and I started developing my own writing in music and art. In Brighton I met incredible women to collaborate on projects, modelling for each other, going to life drawing, inspiring each other. Now I am in London, living a freelance life that allows me to preserve my enthusiasm and freedom to create. I am constantly meeting incredible creative girls here too! Especially in the film industry, I’ve collaborated mainly with female directors as an editor and I love this feeling of sisterhood.

I’m also working hard on a solo music project called Tiger Lion and I’m doing analogue photography series, often around the music.

Last year I released a multimedia EP centred around the moon phases – exploring cycles, femininity, intuition and how greater elements of the cosmos are connected to our bodies & feelings. There is a dedicated website – it worked a bit like an advent calendar following a moon cycle, revealing a piece of work for each phase.

I’ve always been really fascinated by the beauty of the female body, but not in a sexualized way- just as human beings. I’ve tried my best to capture something pure and sometimes almost gender neutral along my series.

Check out more of Clémentine’s work here and follow her on Instagram here.



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