6 Female Artists To Follow On Instagram

Try as I might, when my alarm goes off at 7am on a weekday I simply cannot get out of bed without spending at least 45 minutes swiping my finger down my phone screen, blearily eyeballing last night’s antics on the gram. Sometimes even last week’s (nice one, Instagram algorithm). My Instagram timeline used to be like a who’s-who of the celeb/supermodel/influencer elite, but a while back I decided to do a clear out when I realised that staring at other people’s carefully curated beach shots was actually making me feel a bit shit. Since then, I’ve filled my feed with a plethora of inspiring female artists, writers and actual IRL friends – and it feels like a much nicer place to while away a few minutes in the morning. If your feed needs updating with a splash of inspiring content, then look no further. I’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest female artists on the platform, so have a read and click the follow button for a timeline filled with cool art, real quotes and a whole lotta talent.

  1. Pot Yer Tits Away Luv @potyertitsawayluv

Pot Yer Tits Away Luv was started by the wonderfully talented Emma back in February 2017. Emma specialises in her own brand of tit pots – which are pretty much exactly what you’d expect tit pots to be. Pots, shaped like tits. The brilliant thing about these particular pots is that they’re not moulded into perfect perky pots, but rather pots with saggy tits, one tit, black tits, freckly tits, tits with a mole, tits with a tatt and so on. You can custom order a pot of your very own, and model it on yourself or a willing friend, or you can pick a pre-made pot (often done in collaboration with other artists and her talented partner @scratchcardyouth).

  1. Claudia Sahuquillo @claudiasahuquillo

Claudia is a Spanish artist based in Barcelona, and ohhhh she is one cool lady. Claudia uses skin as a canvas for her painting, adorning female bodies with myriad patterns and vibrant, popping colours. Sometimes she’ll paint a whole torso, sometimes she’ll focus on the nips and give them a cool flower paint-tattoo.  Her Insta profile also shows off a range of prints, t-shirts, notebooks and sketches designed by her, so you’re guaranteed to see something new each time you have a scroll.

  1. Gemma Correll @gemmacorrell

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Gemma is an illustrator whose amazing work you are BOUND to have come across before, whether you realise it or not. Her trademark sketches of cute anti-social ladies are heart-warming, sometimes poignant, humorous and oh-so relatable. She’s clearly a woman who can take the piss out of herself too – the ‘about’ section of her website lists reviews like ““ugly, pig-faced drawings” – Angry Canadian lady” and ““How is this funny? Like at all?” – Mariah (location unknown, but I’m guessing probably Australia).” We love her already.

  1. Coucou Suzette @coucousuzette

Juliette created Coucou Suzette after studying art and jewellery in Paris, and spending some time in Tokyo immersing herself in the world of illustration. Her body of work is extensive and SO BLOODY COOL. Her Instagram profile boasts treasures such as naked lady masking tape, boob boxes, boob rings, pins, stickers and nail art so intricate I’m surprised she hasn’t gone blind. Follow her with caution – you’ll end up convincing yourself that masking tape ain’t masking tape unless it’s got a naked lady on it.

  1. Work Over Easy @workovereasy

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Work Over Easy was created by Natalie, a designer and illustrator. I found Natalie’s work once when I was scouring the web for a printable monthly planner that wasn’t going to make me want to stab myself in the eyeballs with boredom when I was organising my life. Enter – Work Over Easy and Natalie’s lovely free Christmas planner. This Instagram is filled with cool sketches of people, stationary, every-day objects and animals, all of which are very neat and soothing for the soul. Her blog, housed under the same name, also features handy DIY guides and lists like ‘where to buy art supplies in London.’ She’s a saviour, really.


  1. Shantell Martin @ shantell_martin

Shantell’s Instagram is a new one on my feed – and I’m so pleased to make her acquaintance. Her trademark monochromatic style is fresh, clean and so nice to look at, and her talent hasn’t gone unnoticed. Shantell has worked with Puma on a clothing collection, painted walls in New York, Buffalo and Denver, as well as creating the cutest monthly pins I’ve seen in a while. Give her a google.

I hope you enjoyed this list of Insta ladies. Please let me know if you follow any cool artists too, as I’m always on the hunt for new accounts to follow! Tag me at @saramacauley.


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