25 Things To Get For Under £25, All From Tictail



Okay, so I am slightly out of breath as I may have discovered something absolutely brilliant. Although this has happened before when I was 14 and thought I was one of the first people to discover eBay. Then when I was 16 I was extremely late to Myspace and choker necklaces, way after everyone else. I looked like a total idiot. But guys I think for once in my life I am ahead of you all. My excessive time pretending to work is paying off for us all. I discovered a website, the kind that is totally acceptable to browse at work. Well, slightly acceptable if you get good at clicking on excel quickly when the someone important walks over.

Okay so have you heard of Tictail? You’re welcome firstly. It’s an online shop that brings you emerging brands from every damn corner of the world. I discovered it only by fluke. I was attempting to find my summer aesthetic and a woman I stalk prolifically on Instagram pointed me in this direction. Here we are one week later, and my shopping basket is hitting the high thousands and I have begun to google medical testing to purchase all the goods.

Firstly, you can find what I can paradise here- www.tictail.com

Once you are there you will find all the categories easy to navigate, especially when they begin to make suggestions and be in your brain. Have they somehow worked out my style? Yes, and it is slightly unnerving that within a week they know I have a passion for wide pants, obnoxious shirts and unnecessary ceramic bowls.


Luckily for you all, I am an overly enthusiastic procrastinator which means I have put together a list of 25 things you can buy for under £25.00. * this is just the tip of an affordable iceberg.

  1. Joyu Rie Miyazawa A6 print £1.00 Find it here Imagw 1
  2. Desert T-shirt by KJP £25.00 Find it here Image 2
  3. ALVA Soft Green Yoga Bra by 05 Studio £23.00 Find it hereimage 3
  4. The Ampere earrings by Faden £25.00 Find it hereImage 4
  5. Basic Macrame Plant Hanger by California Dreaming £21.00 Find it hereImage 5
  6. Hazel earrings by Noir Madeleine £20.00 Find it hereImage 6
  7. Coco rose lip balm by Coco Rose £22.00 Find it here Image 7
  8. Cactus enamel pin by Majasbok £7.00 Find it hereImage 8
  9. Fruit sticky notes by the study kiosk £2.50 Find it hereImage 9
  10. Issue 7 of Girls like us £7.00 Find it hereImage 10
  11. Olive oil rose soap by Olive Wood Enterprise £1.96 Find it hereImage 11
  12. Lounging print by Danielle’s Art Shop £18.00 Find it hereImage 12
  13. I woke up crying print by Art Baby Girl £14.00 Find it hereImage 13
  14. You don’t need him” t-shirt by Espacio Ananas £22.00 Find it hereImage 14
  15. Pom Pom hoop earrings by Tatty Moo £10.00 Find it hereImage 15
  16. Choker Blå Sammet £10 Find It Here


  17. Unicorn mug by WTMN £22.00 Find it here Image 17
  18. Mobil hanging by Bome £24.00 Find it hereImage 19
  19. Sticker sheet by Bodil Jane Shop £11.00 Find it here Image 20
  20. The Play Bra by NALU Underwear £25.00 Find it here Image 21
  21. Kate Dots swimsuit top by Makota Swim £29.00 (I went a little over but this is a V nice swimsuit for summer) Find it here Image 22
  22. Medaille signe chinois necklace by Atelier Des Petits Becs £17.00 Find it here Image 23
  23. Net Bag by Mikanu £19.00  Find it hereImage 223
  24. Crop set by ELB Handmade £20.00 Find it hereimage 25
  25. Good things will happen soon candle by The Good Store Berlin Vintage £22.00 Find it here 



The best thing about purchasing from any of these stores is that your moral compass will feel great supporting a small business. You are helping people all around the world who are trying to keep their hustle going strong in a world full of Amazon Prime deliveries. If any of you are feeling extremely crafty and have a pile of arts and crafts building up in the corner of your room, you could even start a shop. If you hurry there extra quick, you can nab 10% off using the code ‘TICTAIL10’.



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