HOW TO: Show Up For Trans Equality

Hello you, sat there, flicking through this incredibly written article, with a cup of tea (/large glass of wine) in hand, fancy doing something monumental today?

Thought you did.

The UK government are currently taking a look at how we can go about reforming the Gender Recognition Act. And honestly, it’s about bloody time too. The current process of legally changing your gender is a long, arboreous and quite frankly pretty bloody dehumanising one, and we (yeah, you) have the ability to help make it easier for our trans/ nonbinary siblings of all ages.

Great, tell me more…

Our, often questionable, the government are in the process of consulting on vital new rights for trans (including non-binary) and intersex people. They’re taking a long look at the current Gender Recognition Act and how we can change the current procedure.

Currently, the Gender Recognition Act is a lengthy, tough and complicated process, and it is more often than not costly. As it stands you need to require a diagnosis of gender dysmorphia to legally have your gender change recognised. This is positioning being trans as a mental illness, requiring medical treatment reports and evidence of living in their “acquired gender” for two years. Sounds intrusive and humiliating, right?

Trans people should not have to prove that they know their gender identity better than anybody else, they should not have to prove they are “trans enough”.

So, as the government is showing an interest in how they can make this process less intrusive and more bureaucratic for trans people to achieve legal recognition of their gender, it has never been more important that trans people and allies are coming out in support.

What can I do right now?

I’m pleased you asked! On the 19th October (two day’s time!) the government will be gathering responses from the GRA consultation to see how they can work to reform the process.  

Have your say by filling in the consultation ASAP. It takes around 5-15 minutes and the brilliant Stonewall have even made it even easier for you by creating a “Stonewall Perspective” (helpful answer examples on why they believe reform would make a positive change)

You can find that HERE.

We Level Up have also made it super simple for you to have a say (and make that all important difference) by creating a direct way to fill in your answers, with quicker, fewer focused questions that feed straight into the Government consultation.

You can find that HERE.

If you are replying on behalf of an organisation or have a little bit more time to respond, please respond directly to the government website.

You can find that HERE.

Why is this so important?

Intersectional feminism is best practiced rather than solely preached, and acts like this consultation are one of the best ways to do just that.

There is no real positive way cis people can dictate or speak for a life that you do not live within, however, using your eyes, ears and in this case, your action, you can hold the hands of those who are continuously marginalised. The GRA act is just a small, but significant way of moving towards equality.  By responding to this survey we take away dehumanising and humiliating barriers for trans people.

The opening of this consultation has, unfortunately, opened up a wave of anti-trans sentiment in current British politics. This is making lives even more difficult for trans people. Filling this out you are attempting to counteract some of this vile conversation and anti-trans backlash that is making it difficult for people to live their lives.

Is there anything else I can do to help?


Continue to educate yourself, thoroughly, not lazily. Only ever speak alongside your trans/ nonbinary siblings, never for.

Respect peoples pronouns.

Understand that personal transitioning and journeys can be subject.

Be a true ally by educating others where and when possible.



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