Five Things On The Internet To Distract You From The State Of The Country

Ignorance certainly isn’t bliss, but we all deserve some relief after the few days we’ve had. Boris is in Number 10. The country is reaching worryingly high temperatures. In the most succinct yet accurate way possible: it’s all a bit shit.

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image via @fgrlsclub on instagram

So – for my own benefit as much as yours – I’ve compiled a list of the best things I’ve seen on the internet that make it feel just a little bit better.

Reading on is an act of self-care, I swear it…

Laugh out loud… at some serious 2000s nostalgia from @popcultureangel

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@popcultureangel on Instagram

Who doesn’t love a good throwback meme? In my books, if you’re with Paris, Lindsay and Britney, you’re in good company. Pay homage to the greats whilst simultaneously cringing at the kinds of outfits you once begged your mum to let you copy with Miss Selfridge ‘dupes’. That was a horrendous time for fashion that we now look rather fondly upon – let’s hope the same can be said for our current political environment (though something tells me that low rise jeans have a 100% change of ageing better than Jacob Rees-Mogg)

Be empowered… by the showers of self-celebration via @theconfidencecorner

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@theconfidencecorner on Instagram

As if her own account doesn’t inspire us enough, blogger Callie Thorpe began The Confidence Corner to encourage wider celebration of ourselves. And the fact that it’s collected over 21,000 followers shows just how much we all needed it. If you want to be inspired by fierce, Lizzo levels of self-love, head here first. 

Make light of a pretty dark situation… because, if you can’t laugh a bit – what can you do?


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Credit: @JXEDEAL on Twitter

This absolute corker of a tweet is presented without comment. Not quite getting it? Head here for some critical UK cultural education.

Find healthy coping mechanisms… as @girlsnightinclub remind you to look after yourself

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@girlsnightinclub on Instagram

Keeping it the absolute realest and understanding that we can’t be our best selves all the damn time, Girls Night In create space for us to unwind online and take a step back from the put-together pressures of modern life. If you can’t make time this week for IRL friend-therapy, reach for this. 

Have your faith restored… by the incredible young activists that make up @genzgirlgang

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image via @genzgirlgang

They say themselves that they’re redefining sisterhood for a new generation – and we believe them! Under the leadership of activist, organiser and Teen Vogue 21 under 21 lister Deja Foxx, GGG sets out to create and share opportunities for young womxn whilst offering mentorship to the dedicated community they’ve created. Once again, it proves that young womxn really are the future. Thank fuck for them.  

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