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As we all know, Christmas has become capitalist porn – we spend and spend, take and take, consume consume consume. And hey, enjoy it – have another Baileys, spend time with loved ones, enjoy what you’ve worked hard for. But, if you’re in the place to, then maybe put a gift that gives back on your list this year. 


Bloody Good Period was started by Gabby Edlin, who decided something needed to be done to create a sustainable flow of menstrual products for those who can’t afford to buy them. They are now partnered with 40 asylum seeker drop-in centres! BGP also work to raise awareness for period poverty, destigmatise attitudes towards menstruation and much much more. Want to help them out? Well, they have a wonderful stocking option that you can gift to someone (or ask someone to give on your behalf), as well as amazing products for the activist in your life.

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The Action Aid Kit 

ActionAid is an international charity that works with women and girls living in poverty; this Christmas their appeal is highlighting stories of the many women and girls around the world who are, every day,  living on the edge of survival due to climate change-related droughts and floods. This Christmas ActionAid are distributing essentials kits, which include items like clothes, underwear, soap, torches, baby lotion and whistles.

This festive period,  you could help provide more essentials kits, toilets and leadership training in Somaliland and around the world — so women and girls who’ve survived climate-change-related crises don’t have to wait. Depending on how much you’re able to give, they have different kits and packages available: like the essential kit for £30  or their period kit for £11.

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Save the Rainforest

Oh, Viv, we love you. Because no one can say it better, over to Westwood:

“Saving our planet’s rainforests has been a cause close to my heart for a long time. Not only do rainforests contain six million species and contribute to twenty percent of all of Earth’s water and oxygen, but they are also home to more than 350 million people. If that’s not enough reason to protect rainforests, deforestation contributes significantly to all CO2 emissions, making it a major cause of climate change. The fight for our rainforests could quite literally save the world. That’s why I’ve decided to help raise money for Cool Earth, a foundation that has saved nearly a million acres of rainforests. What they do genuinely works, and their results have continued to impress and move me. I’m asking you to join me in this battle for our planet. I’ve specially designed a shirt for the cause, and if you purchase it, you’ll be making a difference.”

Well, we’re convinced.



Jo Malone London Iris & Lady Moore Charity Candle

Jo Malone has always been an aspirational brand to me – because, no matter how nice they smell, who can actually justify £50 for a candle?! Well, here’s a way to make us all feel less guilty –  for each of their Charity Home Candle range, Jo Malone makes a donation equal to 75% of the retail price to support individuals and families affected by mental health issue through various charities and projects.





Anything boob related and I’m sold. This super-cute tit necklace by Accessorize and the rest of the range, will be donating £20,000 from the profit to breast cancer awareness charity, Coppafeel!


Girl Power 

Tatty Devine are giving £3 from every £30 necklace to the Fawcett Society. This piece is inspired by a speech made by Fawcett following the death of suffragette Emily Davidson – cute and meaningful.

Bella Freud’s Peace And Love T-shirt

Bella Freud has created a charity t-shirt as part of #WearItForWarChild, where £6.25 of this £25 tee is donated: “the charity turns 25 this year and to learn about the ways they help children overcome the trauma of war is truly inspiring. I urge everyone to help give children the chance in life that they deserve by donating or purchasing an item from the Wear It For War Child collection.”


Happy festive period, and we hope you enjoy gifting presents that give a little more.

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