FGRLS Book Club: April Edition

I’m one of those people who listens to unlimited podcasts about new novel releases, obsessively bookmarks posts on Instagram with book recommendations, and has a bedside table stacked with delicious looking covers. I have an Amazon Wishlist brimming with new releases and buzz-worthy books that everybody seems to be talking about. 

I also ~never~ have the time to read.  

So, whilst lockdown ensues, and the pandemic of 2020 unfurls before our eyes, I have succumbed to the reality of unlimited time before me and have been finding solace in the words of others. Whilst the world is an uncertain place, let me bring you a small sense of certainty with some books that have been on my “Must Read” list for, what seems like, forever. 

FlatShare by Beth O’Leary

I picked this up whilst doing my weekly essential run in the local Sainsburys as a bit of a “lockdown treat” and then proceeded to devour it in 2 days. A completely addictive, joyful romantic comedy that is packed with heart-warming laugh out loud moments. The book follows Tiffy and Leon, two Londoners who end up having to share a bed in an unconventional flatshare, all whilst having never met. You immediately warm to its characters, the unbelievable comic situations, and the unexpected twists and turns that make this truly unputdownable. Praised at the 21st-century version of Sleepless in Seattle, it’s perfect for reading with a tall glass of vino in the sunshine. 

I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron

Not a new’un but a good’un, and one that quite shockingly I have never read before. However, when I spotted that the wonderfully talented Dolly Alderton had written an introduction for a re-released version, I knew I needed to pick up a copy. Dolly adds a preface introducing Nora’s words as more relevant than ever, taking inspiration from her wit and wisdom. The book is a candid, hilarious look at women who are getting older. I laughed my way through it, with Nora’s dry humour shimmering through each page. I will now be enforcing it as a must-read to every woman in my life that will listen. 

The Holiday by T.M Logan

Thriller heavyweight T.M Logan does not disappoint with this delicious poolside read. A Sunday Times bestseller, this book sees three female friends heading off on holiday together, accompanied by their families, to celebrate their 40th birthdays. Set in the stifling sun of the Mediterranean the book explores adultery, crime, and friendship. Great for fans of suspenseful summer reads. 

Meaty by Samantha Irby

Gifted to me by the incredible of FGRLS Editors, Sara, and Chloe, this wonderful birthday present made me laugh out loud and gasp in equal measures. The first book from American comedian Samantha Irby, it’s an episodic collection of diaries, memories, and views on life with seemingly no clear narrative. Smart, edgy, hilarious, and sometimes completely unashamedly raunchy I will be lending my copy to my circle of friends as soon as we’re allowed. 

The Year of the Monkey by Patti Smith

I’m a complete sucker for the prose of Patti Smith and have read Just Kids from cover to cover more times than I should possibly admit. I collect her books like shiny collectors’ items and devour them in days. In her third memoir, Patti Smith focuses on her dreams and vivid realities in all of their bohemian glory. Her writing is always super indulgent but once you let yourself bask in; it makes for magical reading. 

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