Poetry Corner: How To Leave A City

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art by themelodyh

I see you, nostalgia! Making

the banal shape shift 


Oh, you’re cruel But

I welcome you in 


I get drunk with you




And now You have me lusting After furniture

I’ve cursed for bruising my toes Sheets that

smell sweet with my sweat Hallways that have steadied my step And a mountain I’ve ignored 



And now I’m wondering

How a person leaves a place

Without their own bones? 



Without the art that took a year to frame And the green crumbs that could still be salvaged 


Without forgiveness from that friend. 



Even though I know

the answer! I know 



To clink a glass

And sigh a sky 



To wipe the honey jar And pray out

loud to an empty room 



To break my bones

and pack my bags 



To kiss off the light switch

because my hands are full 



And to close my eyes during this car ride. 


I have always known that This is how to leave a city.



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  1. Gail Craig
    August 21, 2020 / 8:16 am

    I loved this poem. Thank you

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