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Poetry Corner With Freya Robinson

Freya Robinson is a Devon-based writer and artist with a passion for history and pop-culture. Published in various magazines, their…

Taylor Swift & The Case For Revisiting Old Relationships

*TW: Some references to abuse Written by Alanna Duffield As if the uncharacteristically beautiful autumn we’re having here in the…

us the apologies and explanations we so desperately want in order to move on and make sense of heartbreak and abuse. But this does not make us powerless. Any one of us is capable of rewriting the narrative on our past loves, and you don’t need to be a poet or a songwriter to do it. 

Poetry Corner With Alanna Duffield

Morning After Pill  I want every little thing to be beautiful. Butit’s May and I can’t stop it from raining.…

Poetry Corner: How To Leave A City

I see you, nostalgia! Making the banal shape shift    Oh, you’re cruel But I welcome you in    I…


For this edition of GRL Talk, our Editor Sara spoke to 4 BROWN GIRLS WHO WRITE, a UK based poetry…

Poetry Corner: I Come From Women, Abandoned by Lake Envik

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Alternative V-Day Plans That Don’t Suck

It’s the unofficial official month of Love. Yes, that’s Love with a capital L. Whether you squeal with delight at…