Poetry Corner With Freya Robinson

Freya Robinson is a Devon-based writer and artist with a passion for history and pop-culture. Published in various magazines, their work entwines fantasy with everyday life in order to explore themes of adolescence, vulnerability and modern life as an autistic person.

And If I Eat Shit So Be It

I am a beautiful gilt sword refusing to be pulled from the stone like a fucking idiot. I am willing to say something so egregiously dumb that I naturally decompose. and if I am wrong you can cremate me in a honey glaze. you can’t stop me, cringe is out, it’s earnest now. I’m dancing on the fucking table, I’m gonna run down hill and get hit by a bike! I’m going to throw out accidentally covering up how I feel and eat a big praise sandwich until I am full and completely round like those ancient German hogs. 

I am enjoying myself. I like mahogany, and dogs in jumpers. the thought of logging wood, and primary colours. I will roll up a pair of knickers so they look like a croissant, wear cheap black lipstick and send smoke signals for everyone to come to my party. I will let myself be as excited as the shops on christmas eve, relish everything that is good and pointless.

and if I eat shit then so be it.

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