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Why The #MidSize Label Means So Much

The fashion industry keeps inventing new terms and I’m, for the most part, sick of it. I rolled my eyes…

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Having sex is a shared commonality among genders, sexualities, ethnicities and ages. So why is women’s sexuality considered more complex? Why do so many women experience shame?

Kinky Christmas Gift Guide

Anal beads make a great gift for Uncle Steve too. Just saying.

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This year was the year that I turned 25. A quarter century, quite literally mid-twenties. If you had asked me…

How To: Take Proper Care Of Your Vagina

Perhaps it’s common knowledge, but it was only two weeks ago that I found out that the slight discolouration you…

Think Your Period Pain Is Normal? You Might Want To …

I’m going to warn you all before I start that this article is about periods. More specifically, it’s about what…