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GRL Talk With: Januhairy

Laura Jackson started Januhairy back in 2018, a campaign to celebrate body hair and reclaim patriarchal notions of how and…

“I’ll Wear It When I’m Skinny”

Ah, the mantra which characterised my teenage years. Also exchangeable for, “my best life will start when I lose weight”.…

GRL Talk: Minaa B

Minaa B is a breath of fresh air on social media, injecting love and support with everything she posts. Her…

Dumplin’, The Film We All Needed Growing Up

After the mess that was insatiable, we all needed Netflix to come through with a teen film that empowers young…

The Art of Solo Dating: 7 Dates To Take Yourself On

My favourite person in the whole world is me*. I’m my own best friend, lover and family. I am surrounded…

“NEW YEAR, NEW ME” Is Bollocks.

Focus on self-development by loving yourself fearlessly, giving more time to your passions, and leaving toxicity in 2017. Rather than drinking a raspberry flavoured laxative that makes you shit yourself.

14 Things To Tell Yourself Post Being Cheated On

  Here’s what to remind yourself after you get cheated on: Their actions do not reflect on you. They have…