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FGRLS Book Club: Menstrual Health Day Special

 This week, we have the author of Period and all around menstrual health expert, Natalie Bryne, taking over the FGRLS Book Club. Ready to feel educated, empowered and in control of your vagina? Then keep reading. 

Kink 101: Impact Play

Impact play is as variable as the people who are into it. You might like a couple of slaps across…

Ask A Sexpert: Bondage

Hey FGRLS CLUB kinksters, welcome to your first lesson! Thank you so much to everyone who sent in questions. Most…


Editors note: this article is written anonymously by a contributing writer Working in Dublin over the summer, I spent a…

The Real Conversation Happening Around Aziz Ansari

The mess of this Aziz Ansari article, claw and all, ignited a different kind of conversation around consent. One we,…

Sex Education in the UK FINALLY Compulsory

The government has announced that sex education in the UK will FINALLY become compulsory for all schools in England. Age…