Treat Yo’self, An Unhealthy Habit?

Let’s talk about treat yo’self culture. I’ve been a big proponent of this way of life, dubbing it self-care, for many years. On any given day you can hear me harping on about “get yourself another Pret coffee, it’s been a busy week”, “buy the shoes, you deserve it”, “you only live once, have that glass of prosecco”. But is there a thin line between self-care, and reckless behaviour? I’ve come to think that yes, there is.

When ‘treating yourself’ crosses over into spending beyond your means, eating badly and drinking too much – the short-term gratification snowballs into unhealthy habits. I’ve found myself on the other side of this line; whereby my bank account is screaming at me to make my lunches, stop buying *another fluffy coat* and maybe to just use the perfectly good Nespresso machine in my office.

It’s a conundrum; the debt I’ve found myself in has made my mental health worse in the long run, due to all the stress it’s causing me. However, the daily grind gets everyone down – and sometimes the only thing that’ll get you through a 15-hour working day is to buy a fucking chocolate cookie.

So, here we are, stuck in a catch 22. Below, discover my 8 golden rules on how to treat yo’self but not fuck up yo’life. This is basically just me shade throwing/mental note to myself.

  1. Limit treats so that they actually feel like treats. Indulgences lose their impact if you indulge in everything.
  2. Is the news making you feel like you’re slowing going mad? It’s fine to take a step back and disengage if you’re struggling. Take care of your damn self. But pushing your personal relationships aside, and cutting contact with others, without an explanation, isn’t. Overwhelmed and need to bail? Desperately need an evening in bed? Then do it, but be honest.
  3. You do not need a ‘self-care kit’. You don’t.
  4. You do need a LUSH bath bomb. That isn’t a negotiable.
  5. Getting yourself into debt for the sake of daily pick-me-ups won’t help in the long run. If that means giving yourself a £5 treat budget a week, then do it. And stick to it.
  6. Recently I had an ‘adulting’ moment. I’d spent £150 on an Erdem x H&M dress, that I categorically didn’t need. It was a bad day, and I swiped my piece of plastic without thinking. The next day, I needed to buy some medication from BOOTS and couldn’t afford it. Went to H&M, returned the dress. When it’s health versus hedonism, health should always win.
  7. There are cheap/free ways to make yourself feel pampered – listen to a podcast, have a cup of tea and read a book, go to bed early, call your best friend.
  8. Treat yourself mentally. Turn off your phone, unfollow that Instagram model that makes you feel like shit, don’t answer emails on the weekend. And repeat.

So, there we have it. I’m off to get better at treating myself, without maxing out my debit card and spiralling into a full-on breakdown. See you on the other side, ladies. 


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