Ten Things To Do This Long Weekend

We’re edging closer to the second bank holiday in May. Your bank account is empty and you’ve spent too much time in the sun, which has resulted in the strict wearing of light linen pants all week to work. If this rings true, then like me you’re not wanting a repeat of the previous long weekend.*

* I spent all my money on the Friday and enjoyed a three-day hangover weekend whilst using my mothers emergency credit card on Deliveroo. So, yup, I think we can all agree that this bank holiday needs to exist beyond our Netflix accounts. Now don’t get overwhelmed by friends trying to lock you into their plan, you are an independent woman, make your own bank holiday plans starting here.


  1. All Points East festival: LCD Sound system, XXX, Lorde and Bjork will be headlining the spectacular line-up taking place in Victoria Park. Beginning on Friday 25th (treat yourself to a four-day weekend hun) runs till the Sunday 27th. Buy tickets HERE
  2. All Points Equal festival: The event run by the All Points East festival, this is FREE and better for your head and bank account. Taking part on Monday 28th. It will be celebrating 100 years of votes for (some) women and 90 years of equal voting rights for men and women. Where do we even start, it is a full day of activities and being a badass woman and supporting your community. Find all the details HERE
  3. Dare to leave London: Yes the thought of leaving East London can scare me at times, but leaving the city altogether? Best idea you will have had all May. Get out and explore somewhere that your oyster doesn’t tap too. Off the top of my head, get the coach down to Bristol for £18 and explore the city that has just been named the friendliest. Which isn’t hard when you live in London.
  4. Shop for bargains: Hit up Peckham and its warehouse kilo sale. They will bring out new stock every hour. Make sure you go hydrated and with your elbows ready to push. More details HERE LW4
  5. The Cheese Project: As someone who eats roughly 2-4 blocks of cheese a week, then I can confirm confidently that this is an event not to miss. The Cheese project will be hanging around the Geffrye Museum in Hoxton tempting and winking at you with its samples and talks on all things cheese. If you are any kind of reasonable human you will click HERE
  6. Last minute jaunt to another country: For the fancy people who understand the concept of savings and living debt free. Well done you, you could maybe manage a last-minute trip somewhere. Maybe even in a country that doesn’t have a Wetherspoons. Hit up last minute bookings sites and make us all extremely jealous.
  7.  Become a plant owner: Okay so we can all probably agree that everyone on here owns one house plant that is moved around your room for aesthetically pleasing photos. I personally have three that are barely looked after but make me look that more grownup. To hit the ultimate adult move, attend Chelsea Fringe. A horticultural festival that will make you want a pension plan. Details HERE
  8. London HAS A BEACH: Okay please everyone don’t panic and play it fucking cool. There is a beach in London that is made up of actual sand and bottomless brunch. Jesus Christ my two biggest passions in life have come together to make Neverland London, a pop up urban beach. I’ll leave you with this detail-Bottomless Beach Brunch (£25 every Sunday from 12noon to 2pm), which includes bottomless prosecco, cider and frozen pina colada. Please for the love of god, buy tickets HERE
  9. Rooftops aka fancy sun drinking: Rooftop clubs are a must, mostly because my hair can stay reasonably sweat free and I don’t need to keep popping out for air due to my inability to regulate my body temperature. My favs are: Oval space/Dalston roof park/Frank’s Café. Just look for high buildings and people that look incredibly flawless and or high.7be150979b1992b5f106d3829ff7e337
  10.  Jam on Rye: A festival that puts the same amount of thought and concentration into its food choices as it does the music lineup. Where can we buy tickets immediately? The festival that has been put together by street food gods, Kerb which has promised Reggae, Afrobeat and New Wave jazz with a giant side of every food stall known to man. Find tickets immediately HERE 

So please, be sensible and spend a large portion of your weekend in the sun. Do not nap too soon in the day, but if you do leave it until the evening. Hun, you will not make it out. Remember, this weekend is a marathon, don’t fall at the Friday hurdle like so many of us have done before.

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