A Poem For #MentalHealthAwarenessDay

High-Functioning Anxiety


You’re the life and soul of the party,

You’re the loud voice in the meeting,

You’re the silent panic attacks and forced smile,

You’re the clenched fists and sleepless nights,

You’re the pit in your stomach and the shoulder to cry on.



You’re the voice in your head telling and believing that you can do anything,

You’re the shaking hands and medication telling you the opposite,

You’re the girl people want to be and the body you wish to escape,

You are your anxiety and your success.

You’re nothing less and everything more.



The wine you sip,

The mantras you repeat,

The makeup you wear,

The books you read,

The doors you shut,

The hands you hold,

The thoughts you silence,

As you achieve and prosper,

Despite the endless ocean of panic you behold.


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