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Chrissy’s Inspiring Essay On Postpartum Depression

  Didn’t think you could possibly love Chrissy Teigen any more than you did already? Well, prepare to eat your…

Why My New Mantra is”Be Kind Not Nice”

Sometimes a phrase sticks with you, like swallowing tar, it coats the inside of your throat. Last week, I had…

4 Things to Do to Turn Your Shitty Day Around

Those days. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that start when you wake up and instantly want to…

3 Books To Help With Your Anxiety

Photo Credit: Béatrice Lajous   Anxiety, it’s a bitch. A ball ache. A fucking pain in the arse. Okay, you get…

Reading about other people’s anxiety can be a comfort- you’re not alone, and you’re not fucking crazy. Okay, medically speaking you might be, but so are a lot of people. Below are some books that helped me out of my darkest, most anxiety riddled times…