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Gaslighting: What It Is & How To Spot It

There’s been a lot of talk about gaslighting over the last few days, the catalyst being a certain Love Island…

The Cult of Positivity: 5 Feel-Good Accounts You Need To Follow

Instagram has long held a reputation for being the ultimate tool for comparison and self-loathing. In a sea of selfies,…

GRL Talk: Hannah Hauer-King

Every single month as a young kid I was taken to the theatre. My parents were insistent on me becoming…


Everyone can think of a time when they’ve been low, anxious and lost. Sometimes it hits when you least expect…

Poetry Corner: I Come From Women, Abandoned by Lake Envik

    Follow Lake Envik HERE Follow Hannah Martin HERE

Body Positivity: Is Capitalism Ruining This Movement?

It’s 2018 and your social feeds are flooded with #selflove campaigns: inclusivity promotions, brands trailblazing the way with unedited photos…

How To Stop Doing All Of The Shit

The other half of FGRLS CLUB’s editing team, Sara, recently spoke about how to get shit done from the POV…