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How To Deal With Heartbreak

From the FGRLS team who’ve dealt with their fair share. Heartbreak is a complicated thing. It’s not, as I thought…

8 Things To Leave In 2018

2019 = A Mass Glow Up  We all thought 2017 was globally a complete shit show, but nothing could have…

Kinky Christmas Gift Guide

Anal beads make a great gift for Uncle Steve too. Just saying.

FGRLS CLUB – Unwrap Yourself

We did it! Our first ever FGRLS CLUB event went off with a bang, literally. From an eye-opening and candid…

A Few Words About Grief

It’s taken me approximately four months to gather up the courage to open my laptop, click on a document and…

The First Time I Ever Masturbated: 10 Women Share Their Stories

Sat in a particularly cool school friends conservatory (cool only because his mum used to let us drink alcopops and…

Our First Event!

Hello lovely FGRLS CLUB readers, we’ve got some exciting news… WHAT, WHERE, WHEN  FGRLS CLUB, the online content destination for…