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5 Feminist Anti-Heroes We Love

Princess Leia, The Bride, Hermione Granger. We’ve all got a favourite, bad-ass heroine. They’ve got the brains, weapons and bags…

GRL Talk with Laura Jane Williams

Below, our Founding Editor Chloe Laws speaks to Laura Jane Williams on career advice, love, and loneliness… Chatting with Laura…

The Real Conversation Happening Around Aziz Ansari

The mess of this Aziz Ansari article, claw and all, ignited a different kind of conversation around consent. One we,…

“NEW YEAR, NEW ME” Is Bollocks.

Focus on self-development by loving yourself fearlessly, giving more time to your passions, and leaving toxicity in 2017. Rather than drinking a raspberry flavoured laxative that makes you shit yourself.

You Versus December

December is the best month of the year; when your liver takes an absolute beating and you decide the office…

Learning To Be Happy Alone

My mother recently sent me an article about being alone. This is often her way to let me know that…

GRL Talk With Gina Martin

In this edition of our GRL Talk series, we chatted to freelance writer and campaigner Gina Martin. If you need…